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Naslovna Record High with Plans to Surpass Billion Euros in 2024

Record High with Plans to Surpass Billion Euros in 2024

In 2023, Delta Holding has marked a historic achievement, reporting record-breaking sales revenues of 860 million euros, a 12% increase compared to 2022. The company’s EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) reached 88 million euros, reflecting an 18% growth over the previous year. Looking ahead to 2024, Delta Holding sets an ambitious target, planning to surpass the million euro mark with projected revenues of 1.065 million euros (a 25% increase) and an EBITDA of 110 million euros (a 25% increase).

“We are delighted to share yet another record-breaking success with you, here at Sava Centar, the crowning achievement of a highly successful year,” stated Milka Vojvodic, CEO and Senior Vice President for Economics and Finance at Delta Holding, during the annual media conference. “Our success hinges on a motivated team, knowledge, and investments as significant drivers for future robust development and sustainability. In 2023, we invested over 140 million euros, with plans to invest over 900 million euros by 2027.”

Delta Holding made a notable contribution to the budget of the Republic of Serbia, contributing 180 million euros in 2023. The annual media conference highlighted the business results of all Delta Holding entities, focusing on key projects for 2024 and outlining a three-year investment plan.

Scheduled for September 2024 is the grand opening of the Blue Hall at Sava Centar, marking the commencement of major real estate projects. Expansion of the regional e-commerce business, Ananas, is also planned, showcasing excellent results with triple-digit growth in the number of partners and a product offering exceeding 350,000 items in its second year of operation.

In the Real Estate segment, an investment of 800 million euros is planned over the next three years through new projects. Delta announced the commencement of construction in 2024 for the Delta Land residential and commercial concept in Despota Stefana Boulevard in Belgrade. Additionally, work on the Delta Iron business complex in Novi Sad and the initiation of investments in Delta District, combining business space and luxury living in the heart of the business center of New Belgrade, Block 20, are in the pipeline. As part of the Delta District concept, a new InterContinental hotel of the highest category is set to open in 2026, enriching the hotel offering ahead of Expo 2027.

The development of e-commerce and the significance of implementing artificial intelligence in business were emphasized through 14 projects spanning various segments of Delta Holding’s operations. This includes smart solutions in agriculture, improvements in e-commerce services, and efficiency in distribution and logistics.

“Ananas e-commerce is still in development but is achieving fantastic results in its second year of operation,” highlighted Marija Desivojevic Cvetkovic, Senior Vice President for Strategy and Development at Delta Holding. “For Ananas in 2024, the keyword is expansion – after North Macedonia, we are opening markets in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Furthermore, strategic investment in solar power plants across 15 locations has resulted in a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to the absorption capacity of 1.4 million trees annually. In the era of advancing technology, the primary focus will shift towards Cyber Security, with Delta proudly introducing the position of CISO, an executive role in the Cybersecurity team.