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Naslovna People Who Create Delta Experts


Delta Experts

Delta Experts is a talent program dedicated to employees who are the bearers of expertise in the company. Our experts are colleagues who are always ready to selflessly share their knowledge with others and are always there when we need advice. With this unique talent program, we strengthen our culture of lifelong learning and knowledge sharing and enable the development of employees in the direction of leadership, as well as building expertise.

Since 2022, 45 of our experts from all areas of business continue to enrich their knowledge and expertise, as well as contribute to education and strengthening of the Company’s internal resources.


What does the program look like?

Through Delta Experts, we support employees in upgrading their expertise through various development activities and training.

We also support our experts in doing what they know best – sharing their knowledge with others and improving our business through training, mentoring and creating educational texts and videos.


One of the successful projects within the talent program is “Summer with experts”, which was realized in the form of informal, moderated conversations with our experts during the summer. We found out what their career path looked like, how they became experts and what advice they have for younger colleagues who want to follow in their footsteps. On that occasion, we got to know their extraordinary professional, but also personal stories that inspired us.