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Naslovna Building a Better World Third parent


Third parent

In 2016, we initiated the “Third Parent Project” in collaboration with the NGO “Putokaz” from Novi Sad. Our primary goal was to empower parents in their journey toward responsible parenthood, while also offering supplementary support to children, enabling them to thrive in a wholesome and supportive environment.

The prolonged exposure of Serbian citizens to stressful situations not only leads to numerous negative psycho-physical consequences for their health but also significantly diminishes their capacity for effective parenting. Children from such families may either grow up in unstimulating and challenging environments or, as determined by court rulings, be placed in institutional care or foster families.


To prevent such a scenario and assist in preserving biological families within the Third Parent project, we provide funding for the work of social workers who strive to strengthen families. With the professional guidance and support of a social worker, parents are aided in recognizing their rights and taking advantage of available opportunities for further education, housing conditions improvement, and economic empowerment, including support in the establishment of small and medium-sized enterprises.


At the same time, our company’s employees provide financial assistance to families to help them overcome challenging periods and ensure children have the opportunity for proper development and a carefree upbringing. For the past 8 years, our employees have been assembling packages for children during holidays, the beginning of the school year, and birthdays, as well as funding sports and other extracurricular activities. Since the inception of the project up to the present day, over 40% of participating families have fully experienced the benefits of the program. Since 2016, 80 families have participated in the program, leading to the empowerment of 36 children and their families. In 2023, 140 colleagues are supporting 42 children.


Through the Third Parent project, we actively contribute to the formation of a greater number of functional families, empower parents, and influence the enhancement of their quality of life while also developing a support network for them within the local community.