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People Who Create

Let’s create together

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Delta’s Manifest

We love our job.

Because each of us is trying to build the company we want to be a part of. Because when hiring new team members, we choose people who like to work.

We want high scores.

And we are looking for colleagues ambitious enough to accept equally ambitious plans. In return, we offer and together we build a stimulating, pleasant and creative environment.

We want innovative ideas.

We respect all suggestions for improvement and changes and do not hesitate to make them.

We accept the right to make mistakes.

Only those who do not work never make mistakes.

We are kind.

We talk politely and constructively.

We are on familiar terms with colleagues.

We especially value diversity and individual freedom.

We highly value the freedom of others, because we know that personal rights must never jeopardize the rights of others. Behavior, habits, clothing or the music we listen to cannot interfere with the work and life of people in our work environment.

We rejoice when we see passion in business.

The same goes for dedicated work and work habits.

We do not seek perfection at any cost.

We respect the rules of correct, clear and decent communication.

We foster a culture of dialogue.

We respond to messages within a reasonable time, politely and with arguments.

We never ignore messages, use hate speech, call for violence, or discriminate in any way against the people we communicate with.

Board & Management

The company owes its continuing success to modern management and working practices, the assimilation of international experience and to a knowledgeable and expert workforce who can react quickly, efficiently and boldly. The results achieved so far have created a sound basis for the stable operation of the whole system.

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On Familiar Terms with Colleagues

Season 1

The Delta Holding system has almost 4,000 employees, in over 100 locations, and this project allowed us to really get to know them, because it is these people who drive us.
Who are our colleagues outside of the business signature that appears in their email and who are they after working hours – find out in the series On Familiar Terms with Colleagues.

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