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Naslovna Building a Better World Endowments



Endowment is strategically important, but also a project of historical importance that permanently solves the problems of the community in the field of social protection, education, culture and health.

Within the endowment project, we have been actively working on restoring this extremely important and long-standing tradition in Serbia for 10 years. Recognizing and listening to the needs of the community, we wanted to establish continuity with the tradition of great Serbian endowments, but also to establish a permanent connection between patriotism and the common good.

So far, we have given a total of three endowments to our community:


Sunce (The Sun), a day-care center for young people with disabilities, based on Bežanijska Kosa in Belgrade. This center, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2022, today represents a safe place for 80 children and young people with disabilities. With eight day-care centers, nine occupational therapy workshops, a sensory room, a gymnasium and other rooms available, it provides children with disabilities a safe environment for education and socializing.


Center for sports and recreation of people with disabilities Iskra (The Spark), based in Kragujevac. The space, with a capacity of 88 users, is fully adapted to all forms of disability and is equipped with multifunctional spaces for education and inclusive gatherings. Iskra, as the only center of this type in the region, celebrated its sixth birthday in 2022.

Odande dovde

The work of art, the sculpture Odande dovde (From Here to Here), the work of sculptors Richard Deacon from Great Britain and Mrđan Bajić from Serbia. This work of contemporary art, which has multiple symbolism and represents a unique combination of different cultures and generations, has been adorning the Belgrade footbridge between Sava Quay and Kalemegdan for five full years.