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Our Village

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Our Village is a project of reviving and modernizing Serbian villages to raise the life quality and bring young people back into villages.

We help the inhabitants of selected villages to improve the level of agricultural production, but also revive social and cultural life in their place and to bring them to the level of villages in developed parts of Europe.

We started the Our Village project in 2018. During the 5 years of implementation, we covered 3 villages and over 100 farms through this project. The goal is to empower young agricultural producers through the transfer of knowledge about modern agriculture and support in its application. Participants in the project also receive favorable funds for investment in the form of loans approved by Erste Bank, a partner in the project, for which Delta Agrar pays interest.

In its first cycle, the project was successfully implemented in two villages near Zaječar, Dubočana and Mala Jasikova, where over 60 farms were included. As of 2022, Bačko Novo Selo in Vojvodina, with over 650 residents and 50 active agricultural farms, became part of the project.

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Since Project launch until today:

We provided financial and educational support to 110 farms.

We renovated 2 village schools, educational facilities and village clinics.

We organized 9 theater performances – 6 for children and 3 for adults