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Naslovna People Who Create Tangram Academy


Tangram Academy

We designed Tangram Academy as a concept of continuous learning and improvement because we believe that investment in knowledge must never end. With great care, we selected education programs, trainings, workshops and other formats, held by internal and external lecturers and trainers. The program includes every employee in our Company in accordance with the position they hold, but also with the career development ahead of them.

Trainings, education and workshops are not exclusively professional, but aim to provide our employees with the opportunity to learn and develop in various fields.

The world is changing at a fast pace, and the future will require some new skills and knowledge from all of us. This is exactly why the Company wants to provide its employees with all the resources that can help them develop and be ready for the changes that the future will bring, and not only on a professional level.


Each employee, apart from the program provided by the Company in accordance with the needs of the position they are in, can also choose numerous other trainings, education and workshops in all those areas in which they want to improve their skills and the quality of life, so in addition to business topics, the offer also includes topics related to balancing business and private life, creativity, stress management, parenting…


Tangram Academy is an opportunity to develop the capacities of employees, to make each of them better, more prepared for the work they do, and therefore more satisfied as a person.