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Naslovna People Who Create Delta’s Future


Delta’s Future

Delta’s Future is a talent program dedicated to building the future leaders of our Company. Intended for young talents from the Delta system who stand out for their exceptional results and leadership potential.

With this program, we facilitate the strategic development of our greatest talents, thereby supporting and realizing the company’s vision and long-term goals.

From 2013 to today, as many as 60 employees have had the opportunity to develop their leadership potential through Delta’s Future, and some of them are currently in the highest management positions in the company.

What does the Program look like?

The program lasts 2 years, and during that period the participants go through various development activities aimed at building leadership skills, as well as developing knowledge and skills for running a business. These are trainings, education and exclusive programs, mentoring and individual coaching. An important part of the program is work on projects that lead to the discovery of new, innovative directions for the development of our business.

In this way, talented people from the system acquire leadership skills, but also special business logic and understanding of the broader picture of the modern corporate world.

Through the program, participants leave the framework of their business positions and have the opportunity to see how other sectors function, cooperation within the Company is encouraged, they can become familiar with concepts and tools that they normally do not work with (e.g. how to make a business plan, how to do budgeting…).

The development of these young potentials is continuously monitored and supported.