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Naslovna Building a Better World Santa’s Little Helpers


Santa’s Little Helpers

Santa’s Little Helpers are a long-standing humanitarian action of our employees, which has been providing help and support to socially disadvantaged families for 10 years, but also spreading joy and bringing smiles back to the faces of children during the New Year holidays.

We started the Santa’s Little Helpers in 2013 as part of the Family Strengthening project initiated by the Children’s Village from Sremska Kamenica, in which we took part. After the first year, our employees organized humanitarian aid and the preparation of New Year’s packages for children from the Third Parent project since 2016, while since 2018, Santa Claus and his assistants have been regular visitors to children from the village within the project Our Village.


During the distribution of the packets, a New Year’s performance was also arranged for the little ones, so the children have so far had the opportunity to see the performances “Shalalalabajka” (2015), “Magic Cake” (2016), “Beauty and the Beast” by the Madlenianum Theater in Belgrade (2017), “New Year’s case of the sorceress Lili” of the theater “Zoran Radmiliović” from Zaječar (2018), as well as specially adapted New Year’s plays (2022).


From the very beginning of its implementation, this humanitarian activity included colleagues from all member companies, and their number to this day is measured in several hundreds. Support for the humanitarian action was also provided organizationally by our member companies – Delta Motors and DTS, which ensure the safe transportation of Santa Claus and packages to their destinations.

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