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Naslovna People Who Create Young Leaders


Young Leaders

What is Young Leaders?

Young leaders is a program that we launched in 2012 just for you, young, educated people without experience. If you have just finished your studies or you have very little left to finish, you are up to 27 years old, and you want to start your career in one of the most successful companies in this region, then this program is for you!

Selection Process


The first step is to register for the Program on our website. In addition to basic information, we will also ask you to attach your CV. That’s all you need to prepare. It’s simple, isn’t it?


In the first round of selection, live testing awaits you, which will consist of three parts – a personality test, a cognitive ability test and an English language test. Don’t worry – it’s not as scary as it seems, we just want to get to know you well!


If you make it to the second round of selection, you will have the opportunity to show yourself in the work with other candidates with whom you will work on the case study. Right after that you will meet someone from our great HR team for an individual interview.


When you reach the third round, it is time for an interview with the company’s top management. At this interview, you will meet business and sector managers who are looking to strengthen their team, but they will also meet you, because it is extremely important for your progress to make a good match.


The final step is a phone call in which our colleagues will inform you that you have become part of the Delta Holding family!

What does the Program look like?

During the one-year duration of the Program, as a Young Leader you will immediately start working in a real business! You will have the opportunity to learn the basics, but also to deepen your knowledge within one or more areas of work. If you express the desire, you will have the opportunity to see how certain business areas look in different businesses, and in this way you will be able to get a complete picture of the business.