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Naslovna „What would you say to your younger self?“

„What would you say to your younger self?“

“If only I knew then what I know now…” You must have thought this to yourself many times.
Even the most successful among us were once children, young people and beginners.
Delta Holding decided to open this topic. They asked the question “What would you say to your younger self?” to employees and attendees at this year’s Autumn Vivaldi Forum, whose theme was – See Opportunity in People.
Some of the most prominent people from Delta Holding answered this question with the desire to encourage those who are just building their careers to always follow their dreams. Below you can read what they told their little self.

Andrej Sovrović, Executive Board member, Delta Holding
“It is important to dream, it is important to have a dream and to quietly hope.”

Marija Desivojević Cvetković, Senior Vice President, Delta Holding
“Believe in the future of the world. Believe in people. Believe in yourself.”

Ivanka Novaković, HR Director, Delta Holding
“Don’t wait until your forties to start having fun at work.”

Mina Tadić, Corporate Communication Director, Delta Holding
,,Be patient. Follow your dreams because in them lies the power to make them come true.”

Petar Žuljević, Executive Pastry Chef, Delta Hotels
“Take the risk, but also the responsibility and always believe in yourself!”

Slavoljub Stanković, Creative Director, Ananas
“Shu – shu – shu … I will reveal three secrets to you
thoughts should aspire to the sky
let the heart tremble with trepidation
everything will be in its time.”