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Naslovna Miroslav Mišković


Miroslav Mišković

Miroslav Mišković graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Kragujevac.

He founded the Delta Holding Company in 1991.

His career begun at Jugobanka. Not long after that he transferred to Župa Chemical Industry, where he became Financial, Executive and finally General Director. 

In 1989, he received the AVNOJ Award for the best entrepreneur, the highest social recognition in former SFR Yugoslavia.

Mr. Mišković was Deputy Prime Minister in Serbian Government for a short time, but left this position for reasons of principle.

According to the 2007 list of the richest people in the world, published annually by Forbes magazine, he was the worlds’s 691st richest person. He is the first person from Serbia to enter this list.

Miroslav is married, he has two children and four grandchildren.